Spectra AD Aqua Pro

Spectra AD Aqua Pro

The Spectra AD Aqua Pro is the new generation of watercolor painting. The lightfast and highly pigmented markers are absolutely beautiful and suitable for on the go! They are perfect for spontaneously sketching or creating great works of art. Since no other materials such as water or brushes have to be carried around, it is great when you are traveling. The color flow is always the same no matter the pressure used. The Aqua Pro can be easily combined with traditional watercolor paints and other mediums for watercolor. The watercolor marker has a color palette of 48 colors that bring you in with their luminosity. They are also easy to paint with water and enable multi-layer paint application and mixing techniques. The Spectra AD Aqua Pro is equipped with two changeable tips. The flat brush tip is ideal for filling large areas. The brushwork can be used to draw very different line widths. With the soft, round brush tip, you can contour, outline, and make precise lines on paper. The Aqua Pro is also designed for durability and sustainability. Due to the high quality standards, we guarantee the best. This ensures an airtight closure of the caps, and prevent the nibs from drying out. The marker can also be refilled with the Aqua Pro Refill Bottle up to 10 times per bottle.

  • 48 watercolor markers in a set or individually
  • Two interchangeable nibs: brush nib and sketch nib
  • High pigment
  • Optimal luminosity
  • Lightfast
  • Color-coded caps with color number and name
  • Refillable
  • Ergonomic design – patented by Creative Mark

Spectra AD Aqua Pro Refill Bottle

Refill Bottle

Spectra AD Aqua Pro – Refill Bottle

Our Aqua Pro can be refilled up to 10 times with a refill bottle.

Thanks to our integrated fill quantity information on the refill bottle, the fill quantity can be precisely controlled so you don’t overfill the marker.

Note. You can remove the tip with tweezers and pour the ink directly into it or drip it onto the brush nib.

  • Easy to use nozzle
  • Can be refilled 10 times
  • Measuring lines for filling quantity
  • Refill with secure non-spill design
  • Refill by dropping the ink on the nib
  • Refill by removing the nib of the barrel

Green Footprint

Sustainable because it’s refillable

Green Footprint

Our watercolor marker is designed for longevity and sustainability. With the refill bottle and our “easy to use nozzle”, the ink can be easily dropping the ink onto the nib. With the refill bottle, you ensure that you never run out of ink and are gentle on the environment at the same time!

Spectra AD Aqua Pro Nibs

Austauschspitzen - Farbstift
Austauschspitze Tri-Nib


Depending on the pressure when drawing, the thickness of the brush stroke can be varied. The brush nib is constructed in such a way that it works like a real brush.


With the chisel nib, thin or thick lines can be painted. It is also ideal for coloring large areas

  • Three identical nibs per packing
  • Changeable

Spectra AD Aqua Pro Sets

Spectra AD Aqua Pro Marker – Set 24

Our Spectra AD Aqua Pro sets are available in three different sizes -12, 24 and 48 count. All three sets are available in a beautiful, simple but high quality black box. The 24 count is also available in a practical carrying case with a handle which is perfect for on the go. The case also offers the option of accommodating an extra brush.

Perfect Aqua Paper

Perfect Aqua Paper

After multiple tests, we found the perfect watercolor paper for our Aqua Pro marker with 200 g/m². The structured side of the paper is ideal for drawing with our watercolor marker. By using a brush you can blur and mix the colors wonderfully. You can leave the drawing and continue to paint days after just as you did on the first day. A perfect harmony between the quality of the paper and the Aqua Pro markers make this possible. Here too we offer you environmentally friendly and plastic-free packed paper in a cardboard box, sealed with a paper sleeve. You can continue to use the packaging to protect and store your drawings later. We have the following three formats in our program: A5 (148 x 210 mm) with 30 sheets each A4 (210 x 297 mm) with 30 sheets each A3 (297 x 420 mm) with 30 sheets each