Spectra AD Marker

Spectra Ad Marker

The Spectra AD Marker is an alcohol-based marker, which comes in a color range of 215 brilliant and high quality colors. It speaks for itself and will make your illustrations come to life. The ink is made in Germany and Great Britain, is non-toxic, and AP certified by the Art and Creative Materials Institute, Inc. The markers are dual ended with a brush and chisel nib. Both nibs can be replaced to ensure the longevity of the Spectra AD Marker. With the brush nib you can paint thin and intricate details while the chisel nib is great for thicker, sharp lines and larger areas of your drawing. Each marker has a color-coded, air tight cap with the color name and number for easy identification. Designed by Creative Mark, the barrel is ergonomic to make sure your hand does not get tired even after a day of drawing. The Spectra AD is produced to the highest quality to ensure the longevity of your markers. The markers also have a refillable barrel so you can refill it up to 10 times. This reduces waste and saves you money.

Spectra AD Refill Bottle

Refill Bottle

Spectra AD Refiller – Refill Bottle

With one Refill Bottle, you can refill the Spectra AD marker 10 times. You can control the amount with the scale on the bottle to prevent overfilling.

  • Easy to use nozzle
  • Refill marker 10x
  • Integrated scale for fill amount
  • Refill with secure non spill design
  • Two ways to refill markers
  • Refill by taking out nibs
  • Refill by dropping ink on nibs

Green Footprint

Sustainable because it’s refillable

Green Footprint

The refillable barrels and replaceable nibs provide a more sustainable approach to artistry. Our Spectra AD Marker is designed to be environmentally friendly and provide you with a durable, long lasting product.

Spectra AD Nibs

Austauschspitzen - Farbstift

Brush-Nib The Brush nib is designed to be used like a real brush. The responsiveness of the brush nib offers a pressure dependent thin to thick line.
This nib comes standard in the marker
Sketch/Chisel-Nib By changing the way you hold the marker, you can draw different lines from thin to thick and it is very good for coloring larger parts of your drawing. This nib comes standard in the marker
Tri-Nib A tri-nib offers three line widths with a simple twist of the wrist.
This nib does not come with the marker, but can be purchased separately.

• 3 nibs per package
• 3 different nibs for one marker
• Interchangeable

Spectra AD Sets

Basic Sets

Farbmarker - Set
Spectra AD Marker – Basic 12er Set

Our Basic Sets are available in five different count sizes: 6, 12, 24, 48 and 96 markers. The 96 count set includes our Basic 95 Colors and one Blender. The colors are perfect for all types of drawing and are a staple for any artist.

Portrait Sets

Farbmarker - Set
Spectra AD Marker – Portrait 24er Set

We have the Portrait pallet in a set of 12, 24, and 36 colors. They are specially chosen for drawing portraits and are various skin tones to create lovely drawings. Every set comes with a blender.

Comic Sets

Farbmarker - Set
Spectra AD Marker – Comic 72er Set

The 12, 24, 36, 48, 60 and 72 marker sets of Comic are perfect for Manga, Comic, and Anime sketching and drawing. There are a lot of bright colors in the sets so you can create your own spectacular world.

Themen Sets

Farbmarker - Set
Spectra AD Marker – Landscape 12er Set

We have 10 different Theme sets, each of which include 12 markers. We currently offer all of the seasons – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. We also have two sets of gray and a few other exciting offerings.

Spectra AD Perfect Marker Paper

Spectra AD Marker Papier

Our 300 g / m2 Perfect Marker Paper is ideal for our Spectra AD alcohol markers. The color gradients and transitions are perfectly harmonious. The great paper quality only absorbs as much color as necessary and therefore does not empty the marker so quickly. Our paper supports the draftsman and artist while making the colors shine. The 300 gram paper also helps you with the presentation and sale of your work due to its quality. It also makes a great gift! We offer the paper, environmentally friendly and plastic-free packed in a cardboard box, closed with a paper sleeve. You can also use the packaging to protect and store your drawings later.

The perfect marker paper is available in three different sizes:

DIN A5 (148 x 210 mm) with 30 sheets each
DIN A4 (210 x 297 mm) with 30 sheets each
DIN A3 (297 x 420 mm) with 30 sheets each